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April 05, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

The collaborative exhibition includes the work of the young people who access Families First.

Naughty Dog and Mandascat were to facilitate a workshop to generate some 3D artworks with the participants.

After the exhibition is over these 3D artworks would adorn the 'Beach Room'.

I remembered from the first meeting with Nicola (from Families First)  that she had said they liked sharks. 

So sharks it would be!

Taxidermy Shark Heads! 

I had to practise making one, to break it down into manageable chunks.  To me its so important that all the young people are able to complete and be successful, nobody wants to feel they cant do something!  However I did also want to do make something with a little challenge.  

I started with breaking the shark into its simplest form, so I could piece it together to make a 3D form from the 2D shape.

Shark Templates Flat fish!

I started with a paper shape, the white one, you can see the many lines I drew whilst working out the shape. 

Here it is in action.

The First Born Shark This would also make a great hand puppet template too! Here is the final refined template, that the Shark School used!  Cute Shark Template

This shape was then cut out of foam and paper mache was added to give it some strength.  This would also give it a good surface to paint.

Naked Shark 1 Naked Shark 2

This involved lots to glue and recycled materials. 

School of Sharks

Then the paint and eyes where added.  I have to thank Families First for their fabulous collection of eyes.

They really made the sharks come to life...  I was seriously jealous of their tub of eyeballs... 

Shark Head One Shark Head

Shark Head Shark Head Shark Head Shark eats bottle

All completed in about 4 hours over two days. 

Shark School was complete!

Both myself and Diane loved the experience of working with these young people - they were such fun, and so engaging.

The people who work their are very special people and have such an amazing relationships with the young people. 

I have to say I would work with them again - especially Nicola and Demi - such energy to give to everyone!

I feel very honoured to have been a visitor to their nest!! 

I got to say a big thanks to Families First - So I hope Lisa, Nicola and Demi get to read this!  You are all the best!!! 



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