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Ideas are flowing in the North Sea ....

March 04, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I have been drawing and drawing!!

A little snow drift, gave me some extra time to indulge myself!  I have been thinking about work, that appeals to both young people and adults.  So I have decided I will create two different styles of art work to appeal hopefully, to both.  Work that could be rehomed with a loving family.  I am thinking that it could be cool to raffle a drawing  to support Families First.  I will need to discuss that idea with them?  

Not being able to put work directly on walls is a bit of a problem for me, so I am hoping to create a couple of long 'lenght's' of print to hang from the ceiling.  I will need to discuss the space also with the Naughty Dog, she may want to do the same.  

I continued drawing the Jellies (Jellyfish inspired by the Lions Mane Jellyfish) .. however they became increasingly more elaborate and decorative.  I can certainly see them as prints, but not necessary a narrative illustration.  I think a set of them might be good.  I have made two.. but I think there are more 'Jellies waiting to come out!'.  See what you think of them?

Outline Jelly 3Outline Jelly 3The drawing before the colour fill Jelly 3Jelly 3Based on the Lions Mane Jellyfish... larger than a blue whale when fully grown! Jelly Fish 2Jelly Fish 2Merry-go-Round Jellie

I was going to try and create a Octopus in the same manner .. but it didnt quiet work?

Hes far too funky! I will use him for the narrative piece of work?

EddieEddie OLet me introduce you to EDDIE O


However Eddie didnt resolve my other idea for a 'hartlepool themed underwater scene' for the narrative lenght!  This has caused me some problems!

 What is it going to be about?  

As I intend to include my sketchbook in the exhibition - you can take a look and see my struggles... 

However finally after some research on the submerged forest ... I finally decided what to do ... Its a rough sketch.  Quick drawings are the best to let your ideas out, and develop.  So they are allowed to look unfinished.  At the top of the image are iconic local scenery, well to me.. the light house, the cranes on the headland, windmills in distance, and the Steel works!  It will also include few seagulls, which I like very much, the local trouble makers!! A fishing boat on the top of the water, and perhaps on his lobster pot or fishing line - some unexpected catches!  Which I think also need to include a monkey and a stag and perhaps a wild boar... I will see as it develops.  However  this idea still needs some work on the composition (layout) to make it stronger visually.  

Take a look and see what you think?  (happy for suggestions?) 




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