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March 18, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Look where I have been today!

the visitThe Visit Subsea 7 Kestrel

Parked up - two streets down from my home was this amazing vessel - the Kestrel.  She looked to me, magnificent, but I had no idea, how magnificent!!

I started drawing her, she was nested across from some fantastic historical home's on the Headland's town wall, -  an amazing juxtaposition of old and new, and incredible shapes.  I was just caught up in making sure the 'colour's worked', and how superficial would I realise that was, once I heard all about her and her special crew.  

kestrel Subsea 7 Kestrel Hartlepool Port

I was very pleased with her, but I had nobody to share her with, who would appreciate her, - perhaps the owners I thought, and started googling.

Subsea 7, are a huge international company involved in the Gas and Oil industries - through the wifi I sent my image to them, not expecting a reply. One  amazing and responsive company - Julie replied in minutes, and the next thing I was invited on the kestrel.  That's when my life started to feel small - as John the Off Shore Manger, and Rob (local to Hartlepool) the Vessel Superintendent started to explain to me her job!

Its all about the divers!! The Divers The Divers live here! This is where they may live for up to 28 days, on board the ship, and leaving to go to work under the water to do a six hour shift. Its a tiny space with all the gases piped in.  I think John explained it took up to 12 days depending on the depth they were working at to come back up to breath ordinary air and  leave the capsule.  Everything on board was about them and their job and their safety.  I felt like I was on board a space ship going to the moon.  The space theme continued throughout.

John Explaining How much pressure? Lots of valves, dials and stuff from the Starship Enterprise - EVERYWHERE!

John is trying to explain the very basics to me - I am constantly astounded!!

This is the Captains Log!! He is the outright boss on board, and again its all about safety.  He was happily talking about the days before technological advances and posting letters home!  

Then Rob insisted we went up onto the helipad!! 

Where I liveWoah! The view was amazing.  This is a rare sight, I will probably never see this view again, in my lifetime.

Kestrel Helipad view


Thank you everyone - Subsea 7 - Julie, John, Rob and THE CAPTAIN!!  



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